Daniel Mussett FNZSA, FIA
Principal and Consultant
ALSA Consulting

Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries (UK)
Fellow of the New Zealand Society of Actuaries
Member of the Institute of Directors
Bachelor of Arts (hons)
Bachelor of Sciences

Biography : Daniel Mussett

A specialist investment actuary, Daniel is particularly well-versed in the theory and practice of
asset-liability management for institutional investors. Daniel brings a strategic focus on investing
not simply to meet arbitrary return targets, but rather to manage risk and meet obligations.

Until late 2014, Daniel was the Head of Consulting for New Zealand's most successful investment
consultancy. His key responsibilities were to ensure that clients received only the best advice in an
effective and timely manner according to modern, best practice principles. Daniel consulted
directly to key clients including not-for-profit entities, Crown Financial Institutions, superannuation
schemes and KiwiSaver providers.

From 2005 to 2010 Daniel worked for two international consulting organisations in Switzerland.
During this time, he held roles as both an international benefits and actuarial consultant and a senior
investment consultant. He was responsible for the delivery of innovative consulting advice
and business development primarily in the French-speaking cantons of Switzerland but also in other
European countries including Germany and Cyprus. Supranational organisations, Swiss pension
schemes, multinational corporations, asset managers and family offices numbered among his clients.

Daniel began his career over 15 years ago working in the employee benefits and asset consulting
fields. He has a keen interest in philanthropy and serves as chairman of a charitable trust dedicated
to creating life changing experiences for under-privileged boys. He is also an active member of the
Retirement Income Interest Group of the New Zealand Society of Actuaries.

As a member of both the Institute of Actuaries (IoA) and the New Zealand Society of Actuaries
(NZSoA), Daniel is required to observe a number of professional conduct standards and guidance
notes in carrying out professional responsibilities, notably the Actuaries Code (IoA) and the Code of
Professional Conduct (NZSoA).